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Trolling. All you need to know about this phenomenon at least in order to avoid its unpleasant consequences.

In Network «troll» is not a huge green monster, but a person who publishes rude or provocative messages. The purpose of trolling is to delude the victim and make him loose his tempo. The stronger the victim loses control of himself, the more pleasure is extracted from the process of trolling. As a rule, trolls behave arrogantly and try to humiliate the interlocutor in different ways.

It is important to distinguish troll from simple bullies. Firstly, bullying is a form of psychological or physical pressure. Trolling isn’t. Secondly, trolls wreak destruction and disorder but bullying causes distress.

One should not confuse trolls with the convinced opponents. The opponent may have other opinion, but he defends his honestly and speaks on the on the substance, even emotionally. Troll usually does not care about logic of his statements. Discussion with him is like a game, when in response to any arguments the same statement is repeated in different ways.

Trolls can be classified. There are troll-newbie, who is only able to single provocative messages (he is not dangerous), usual troll, who stimulates more conflicts and professional trolls, who can even provoke a suicide of a user.

Every troll has his own communication style. Among the most common styles people are usually distinguished a crazy troll, a troll-provoker, a troll-twister, a troll -«Captain Obvious» and a troll-instigator.

The crazy troll posts his absurd idea and convinces users of the correctness, for example, «Microsoft Corporation produces telephones».

The troll-provoker posts racist, fascist, anti-Jewish and similar statements.

The troll- twister creates an account in social networks on behalf of the victim. For instance, businessman can make the «official» blog of his competitor, which filed for bankruptcy.

The troll -«Captain Obvious» is the troll who says, «In the next 12 months you will need to buy a new calendar» or «In the next year you will have a birthday.»

The troll –instigator plays on the feelings of people. He posts messages like «How to poison 10 little kittens?»

Trolling cannot be casual, it may be unconscious. There are many examples when people become trolls without realizing it. They add comments without understanding that they have interfered a discussion.

There are some forums that are dedicated to the development of trolling. One of the best examples of troll-culture is solidarity and cooperation between the two unfamiliar trolls. They play a quarrel, but many people take it seriously (especially if they support one of the sides).

The principal difference in the online and offline trolling is that in the latter there is no anonymity. Consequently, the degree of responsibility for his tricks is much higher.

Conchita Wurst is a great example of trolling Offline. If she did not cause such vigorous reaction, she would not win Eurovision 2014. Nobody remained indifferent to Conchita: some people praise her, but others criticize. However Conchita attracts unnecessary negative attention to those phenomena which gradually forgotten, and that do not need to remember. Unfortunately, this victory is not about tolerance, in my opinion, it is the victory of human appearance.

It is necessary to deal with trolls, otherwise they will turn any community in the swamp. First of all, do not feed the troll and engage in debate with him. You will not win, but you become a laughingstock for others. As soon as you suspect a troll in the Internet, press the button «Report a Moderator». The more people will react the faster troll be deleted from the community.

There are also more expensive methods of protection, such as anti-trolling «software» or paid Internet access on passports. By the way in neighboring Belarus there are vigorous experiments in this direction in order to protect the president from the opposition trolling.

Trolling in USA , Russia and Ukraine has become the industry. Politicians pay big money for provocative comment spam on Internet resources and social networks in order to raise their rating. There are special agencies earning with trolling. Trolls get lists of sites that they need to comment. Experts say trolling is mainly bought by PR-structures that work with certain political parties or politicians. Internet trolling is an additional service. In any large-scale information campaigns always involves several parallel commands of internet trolls.

On the other hand, famous people often suffer because of trolling. Thus, they meet a lot of criticism from ordinary people.

In conclusion I have to say that trolling is really a problem. It is an integral part of modern communication, especially in the Internet. Most often, trolls are losers with a lot of complexes that cannot realize themselves in real life.

Anyway to avoid conflicts you should not engage to highly questionable discussion. You have to get used to the naysayers. Even if you are the best, there is always someone who will criticize you. Be tolerant.

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