Staying in EU

 Staying in EU UK Referendum on Staying in EU

This debate has been discussed in UK for many years, how we would fare if we weren’t in the EU. On 23rd of June people of the UK will have their say finally if they want to stay in, or exit the European Union once for all. The vote will settle the future of Britain working with Europe.

In 2015 the tory party, also known as the conservatives promised in the election mandate that they will give people of United Kingdom the chance to stay in or opt out. The leader and Prime minister of the tory party has been touring EU meeting fellow leaders trying to get UK a better deal. His reason for this as he wants United Kingdom to stay in the EU. His party is split on to opt in or opt out. David Cameron and the chancellor believes Opting out will spell disaster for UK economy.  If UK agreed to walk away from EU, they would immediately request to revoke article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. This gives the country to negotiate 2 years best route to leave the EU.

The opt out campaigners like Nigel Farage, Borris Johnson are all suggesting we follow different systems like the Norwegian or Canadian system that exist as a replacement for current system.

United Kingdom pays into the EU club every year a vast amount, which the euro sceptics believe will be a big financial saving.  The benefits of being the EU club was the UK had no tariffs or additional taxes for internal trading in the EU single market, so can import and export freely. With the EU negotiating with USA to create the largest free trade area in the world. Half of UK products are exported in to Europe enjoying these benefits. This trade will mainly affect medium to large business. The agriculture trade in 28 states has been controlled by EU to make it equal system in pricing. George Osborne the chancellor claims a vote out will mean a certain DIY recession for UK. If article 50 revoking is treat with EU it could mean many years of economic insecurity due to having no trade deals.

For ordinary Britain’s there are more pressing matters, what would happen to UK in terms of immigration, crime, jobs, laws, defence etc… If opting out of EU will stop EU entering UK more freely, especially there is a concern from eastern European countries nationals who we have very little information on. At the moment Calais controls all immigration from France to UK, but if we opt out this will be done in Dover. Any one that is a serious criminal that is in UK from EU can be sent back under the European arrest warrant. This will be revoked if UK opts out and will be more difficult to send some back to their home countries. British laws are dictated in Brussels, where the European court of justice resides. This has given little flexibility in UK controlling it final laws, opt out will mean UK will have independence to decide. Jobs could be affected of a big scale for example big car manufacturers may not find it appropriate to produce cars as when the sold back to EU they will have to pay extra taxes.

In short leaving the EU could initially leads to many years of hard work to reinvent the economy with Brits suffering many years of financial uncertainty, but in the long run can revive a flagging UK economy, and help regain its sovereignty. But will UK have enough great minds, forward thinkers, and drivers to make it happen. In final this is for the people of Britain to decide if the benefits of being in EU, or opt and build an independent and different UK.