Outside of the football field

Outside of the football fieldThe truth of the life outside of the football field is to most people unknown. The real life only those who are involved get to see when all the cameras are switched off. Many footballers get paid a fortune to do the most popular and sought-after job in the entire world. But do not let it get in your head it’s a free ride.

As a professional football player you need to always be on top and do well. It is a hard competition and you have eyes on you at all times. It is your duty to perform and make progress. Because if you don’t, someone else will.

It is a continuous pressure of always giving your all in every training and every game. It is a competition that will never have a winner. The competition keeps going on. Behind all the fame and happiness, which is shown on the outside, this is what is hiding on the inside.

What has been shown when digging up the dirt of the behind the scenes of the life of a footballer, is not what you would have in mind. As I am sure everyone is thinking, the life of doing what you love and making a great living off of it, is a dream come true, no doubt about it. However, you are forgetting about the fact of why they are living the high life: they are always on their A-game.

It has shown that football players are unhealthier psychologically than other athletes, because of that large amount of attention which are given to them because of how praised the sport football is all over the world. This is what puts pressure on the players and this is why they need to perform in every single second of their time on the field. The coaches are always looking at who the best one is at that certain time. It does not matter what you did 5 years ago or 5 days ago, the only thing that matters is what you are doing now. This is why every day is a new day to each and every one of the players, a new day to show that you have earned your place in the team.

The competition is hard and it is getting harder every day, but what would the world look like if it were too easy. This is one reason to why football is the number one sport in the world, it is constantly growing and new talents from all over the world are being discovered. A football player can never feel “safe” with their place as new and fresh is always attractive for a coach and for the fans, this is kept in their heads every moment of the day.

Many football players seek help of sport psychologists to gain their mental strengths and to build confidence of managing their emotions and focus. A lot of players have a lot going on in their minds and in order to clear it up they are working on their goal-setting, overcoming negativity and managing their anxiety with the help of the mental game coaches. There are many factors, which can disturb the players such as negative energy from others, criticism from the media, losing a game etc. Simply by speaking to someone could easily help the players to focus on the right things and not to be distracted by what might disturb their balance.