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The good old days of the attic organized crime have long passed. A romantic image of Godfather has sunk into oblivion. Nevertheless, the most hazardous and powerful representatives of the criminal world have left the indelible, sanguinary mark on the humanity. Outlaws exist even nowadays, but any kind of assassination is considered to be dirty business. Made-to-order death happens around now and again. But it is less effortless to crank an Internet fraud, than to screw money out of the corner shop owner.

And yet, if we turn a page of history back, we will find an impressive list of ladies and gentlemen who earned their living with the things that go beyond the law and beyond any moral principles as well. To commit such kinds of crime, it’s not enough to become an «old school» murderer. To do these one should be a severe slayer, who is ready to betray all the dearest things in life, who threatens with the knife to his/her dear granny, making her pay as anyone else does. To achieve success in the world of crime and to lead a gang of notorious scoundrels one should not know what such words as «compassion» and «sympathy» mean. Here we offer you a top 13 the most cutthroat mob bosses of all times:

13. Jimmy C.

James Coonan, widely known as «Jimmy C» let his first bullet go on the rooftop of the Manhattan block of flats in 1966 when he was 20. In 1964 he sat up a street gang called «The Westies», which mettlesome members were born in West Side Hell’s Kitchen. During the next 20 years «The Westies» were becoming the ringleaders of the drug traffic, fraud, forgery, abduction and assault of the Gambino organized crime family. Coonan was a cool-blooded murderer, who cut his victims into pieces and fed the fish in the waters of the Hudson with them. Nothing stopped him from killing his guru, a moneylender Ruby Stein, and going on collecting money for his private needs. But even avid criminals have their principles and not all the members of the mob approved of Coonan’s bounds with Italian underworld. That is why Coonan’s main supporter Mickey Featherstone was betrayed and imprisoned, accused of a murder he never committed. Later on Featherstone unraveled Coonan’s scheme and took revenge by sending his good old chap behind the bars.

12. Yin «Nicky Louie» Poy.

Some 50 years ago these Chinese criminal was well-known to every New Yorker by his nickname «Nicky Louie». Yin Poy, a young fellow from China, moved to the USA (late 60’s) and immediately started his way to the top in the world of Chinese crime in the Big Apple. Soon Nicky Louie have founded here a notorious gang, called «Ghost Shadows» in 1971. He and his accomplices of Mott Street contributed to the 13 murder cases and were suspected in involvement into innumerous crimes. Local authorities compared Yin Poy and his gang with mafia at the crack of the century because they were far senseless and merciless. These were teens who attempted to get their cash from everywhere and everyone they could and not a single soul could stop them. All the rivals of this criminal family went on the other side of the street right when they saw Nicky Louie that highlights him as an absolutely outstanding person of the illegal human history.

11. «Scarface» (Al Capone).

Everything had been already written about the best-known gangster of all times, A. G.Capone. He had started his out-of-law career in a famous «Five Points» gang in New York. Exactly, the «Five Points», that were brilliantly described by Scorsese in his «Gangs of new York». And have you ever known that he managed to make all his underworld business and became a mob boss in a small gap of time being still under 33 years old?

Capone’s personality is very contradictory one, being viewed both like a hero and a villain. He is famous for the methods he used to get rid of his enemies. Soon after a murder of his opponent Dean O’Banion a severe war between two factions has started, which might be finished as soon as possible. One striking example of Capone’s mother wit was the case when he was summoned to the court for the testimony after some murder case, but he has never come, explaining that he had an awful stomachache that day.

10. Louis «Buchalter».

This seemingly «charming» man was the beginner and the leader of one of the most «famous» group «Murders» in the Lower East Side. He spent his early years left to himself, since his mother came to N.Y. Soon, his children’s nickname «Lipke» began to be mentioned more often in a criminal environment. Most of his young life (even being under 20) he spent in correctional institutions and from that time he had took in his hands shady supervisory control after sewing areas in southern Manhattan. By the beginning of 1920 under his command there were 250 professional killers and annual income of this «business» made up $1 million. Spinning in the influential circles, meetings with politicians, mighty at that period of time, and pulling the trigger at the any given moment. A pitcher that goes to the well too often is finally broken, after he knocked off a candy store owner he was running for a several years. In 1944 «Buchalter» and his associates, were strapped to the electric chair and in several minutes New York’s was able to breathe freely. After that mafia bosses were forced to hire other killers.

9. Semion «Sema» Mogilevich.

It seemed that Semen Mogilevich is a character from the western horror story «about the Russian mafia». Little is known about Mogilevich’s childhood, only that he was born in Kiev in 1946. According to his words, his mother was a doctor, and his father was the director of a printing enterprise. After receiving an excellent economic education in the vastness of the USSR, he turned a couple of successful tricks in Moscow, Poland, Israel, where nothing passed through his plump little hands: the arms trafficking (even with nuclear materials) — as this charismatic person is called in the US. How is it possible to describe his activities here? It’s all about the money, because for a person with such a good mathematical mindset, it’s not a problem to develop complex schemes. He organizes underground casinos where an international prostitution flourishes, reports of factions under his control in the largest US-cities and even in New Zealand. Gradually, the crown of the most influential gangster in the world is assigned to him. At this time even the raw materials coming from the USSR are under his total control! Cheats on the stock exchanges in Philadelphia (YBM Magnex case), millions earned on fraud schemes in Europe! One of the most influential person of 2000’s was arrested in Moscow in 2008.

8. Dario Antonio Usuga («Otoniel»).

Such a metropolis as Mexico City has always been a magnet for criminals who dealt with the transport of drugs. The roads running through this region from Colombia make the capital of Mexico the epicenter where all kinds of illegal business are concentrated. Why not getting a baggy of cocaine for a dollar? Not problem at all!

«Otoniel» has gained his popularity in the streets of this country because of his criminal tendencies from early age. Gradually, he became a «CEO» of the influential Colombian organization. Soon he was recognized as the most outstanding drug trafficker. Two tons of cocaine for a week! And this is only on an approximate basis. But it comes up to 65 million, if you sell this dope in the streets of big cities. Concentrating around himself all street gangs — this line was chosen by this enterprising criminal, all money movements more than one dollar value in the zones of his influence did not pass without his participation. Extortion and murder of people who do not want to pay – that was his cruel strategy. He was caught with the collaboration of the secret services of more than 3 countries only in 2015, in Madrid.

7. James Bulger.

The history of this man is gradually coming out of the mystery range because of the wide interest and artistic coverage of Boston’s criminal life in recent times. Based on the biography of this killer, Scorsese based his famous movie and many novels were published. The legend of James «Whitey» is similar to the criminal history of Capone. He was responsible for numerous murders, leadership in a criminal group. Even while he was working under the cover of the FBI, his natural cruelty had no boundaries — he killed even his accomplices, incessantly went on robbing and stealing. Do you feel like killing a friend’s stepdaughter with one’s bare hands, and then watch as that poor fellow buries her? What could be easier for such a monster? Soon he had to pay his dues. As soon as his kingdom finally collapsed and when all the accomplices turned away from him and he went on a run, hiding over twenty years. He was caught miles and miles away, in California. He was convicted in 32 crime episodes of different kinds.

6. Nicodemo Scarfo.

Child psychological traumas can cause that simple, unremarkable guy of low stature to turn out to the wrong path…. Sometimes this is the way to be part or «manager» of a deadly group. A terrible prospect, but such situations are not rare. The problem of Nicodemo Scarfo was precisely because he preferred this horrible way of life, full of killings. He became the head of the criminal organization in the early 80’s. «Little Nicky» — this nickname he received because of his low growth and this factor was a reason that he had a fully developed complex of Napoleon…. It was not a problem for him to kill even for the fact that people are not looking at him as he wanted them to, even for the fact that his nickname would be pronounced, facing him. His idol and subject of imitation was Capone, even in this already distant time from the 40’s, he continued his path with even greater cruelty. It was easy for him to give order to kill a competitor, even in a busy place at midday. And with an ecstasy the next day, Nicky read about it in the frontline headlines. Happily, such activities were quickly stopped at that time. In 1986 he was captured and sent to prison, where he died out of a sudden at the age of thirty.

5. Salvatore Riina.

Man of the «old school». He never left his beloved island — Sicily. Salvatore made his criminal fortune, one can say, without leaving home. It started running the criminal community in the early seventies, when the island became a trans-shipment base for drugs and arms trafficking. Killing all and everyone who met him on the way run, he did not forget to provide «warm» management positions in city power structures to his «brave fellows». Everyone, with whom it was not possible to agree, was waiting for the unenviable fate… The police, influential officials, representatives of all the media gradually found themselves under his fingernail. No news or order was given to the press or taken without his consent. The time passed and the group grew, many of its members have moved to the side of the authorities and in 1980 it was already awaiting a voluminous trial. To divert attention, he organizes a terrorist act in which 17 people were murdered, many were injured. Though, his involvement in this act was proved only a long time after.

4. Osiel Cardenas Guillen.

What can be said about a person who has the nickname «Friend-Killer». And again, Mexico …. Oh yes, this country has already become familiar in the rating of ours. But it is simply impossible not to mention this person here. The dawn of a career is the most uncommon one – he was a mechanic in one of the suburbs. The way he began to collaborate with the cartel Gulf is not known for certain, however, after the arrest of the group leader — G. Abrego (1996), the leading position was transferred to Guillen. Not without bloodshed, for sure: the struggle between the two candidates for the throne was serious. At first, having divided spheres of influence with his friend and one of the cartel participants, he did not stop. Where did the nickname come from? It’s not difficult to guess! Everything can always be decided between the gangsters with one shot at the head. Guillen’s gang soon expanded the sphere of its influence. They recruited military at the border, the police, all who could be somehow useful to them. Turnover reached up to 20 tons of cocaine per month. After confronting the Mexican military forces, he was made to surrender. He received 25 incarcerations in the US, after extradition.

3. Dawood «Bhai» Ibrahim.

Dawood Ibrahim is well-know mob and drug boss who was born in Mumbai City in India. His famous nicks are «Bhai» that means «Brother», and «The child of the slums». He connected his drug activity both with Taliban and Al Qaeda. And these are not all the reasons to put him in the list of the most wanted criminals in the world. He also founded a «D-Company» gang and controlled the «hawala» system. Frankly speaking, he controlled all the financial traffic from one illegal organization to another one, providing terrorists with money for guns and all their inhuman acts. Controlling a big deal downward activity, like a puppeteer controls his puppets, he is believed to play an important part in Bombay bombings in 1993. More than 257 people killed and 717 people injured became the victims of these attacks that appeared to be the most demolishing ones in the history of India. Moreover, «Bhai» is responsible for numerous banking schemes and financial frauds. This guy knew how to make the money and how to make this world go round, for sure.

2. «The Godmother» (Griselda Blanco).

Griselda Blanco Restrepo is known as «The Godmother» in all over Florida State. This woman appeared to be one of the most influential «drug baroness» in 70’s. And you are making a big mistake if you still believe that Pablo Escobar was the one to blame for drug traffic in the USA. In fact, Griselda was responsible for the lion’s share of all the cocaine sniffed in Miami in this period. This mighty woman was originally born in Columbia and later on she immigrated to America together with her husband. They settled down in New York City, where some time later Griselda founded her cocaine pit of hell. She had to escape back to Columbia when she was too close to be imprisoned by NYPD. For many years she was leading a pretty dance with the authorities and the police, gaining from drug traffic about $80 million a month and did not even give them a chance to put handcuffs on her. Not earlier than in 2004 she was sent back to her Motherland where she was killed with a bullet of a stranger.

1. Frank «American Gangster» Lucas.

Frank Lucas was born in North Carolina and literary made money on other people’s bad luck and tears. He was setting up his business when all the country was trying to follow the latest news from the battlefields of Vietnam War. When his senior friend and companion Bumpy Johnson died, he immediately took the helm of the business. He decided to go straight to Thailand, the country where the heroin originally produced. He had a remarkable drug deal there and so there only one problem left — hot to deliver the heroin to the USA. in a tip-top way so that no one suspects a thing? And he found the way out! He decided to hide the drug in the coffins of the dead US-soldiers, who were sent back to the Motherland to be buried. It sound faithlessly, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it brought him a profit of $1 million every day. Finally, Frank was imprisoned and made to confess in all his deeds. Though, giving testimony in the court, he tried to hide all the immoral side of his traffic way.

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